Please do not buy any Nature's Sunshine products without first talking to our
Registered Nutritional Therapist
Trish Leclair.  Contact her here.

The following links are cross-reference guides for Nature's Sunshine products (NSP)
with US and Canadian names and other product information:

Nature’s Sunshine has created the following 3 convenience packages for people
who are on the go or who prefer taking supplements in one convenient package
rather than having to buy different supplements separately:

Habit of Health is a unique program that addresses the basic categories of essential
nutrients to help you build a nutritionalfoundation strong enough to endure the
challenges of life. Get the most out of yourlife by beginning your own Habit of
Health today.
26 Ways to Use Silver Shield

Read About Silver Technology
Empower Yourself
Through Awareness
Note:  The following are
samples of presentations that
are designed to create
nutritional awareness so each
person can take control of
their health.
Sample 1
Sample 2
Top 20 List - Steps To Take
Control Of Your Health
Nature's Sunshine Specials And Cross Reference Guides
Blood Analysis        
healthy and happy   
• Increase your energy  
• Weight management   
• Learn what your         
body needs              
• Balance pH                 
• Improve digestive       
• Reverse signs of          
• Reverse free radical     
• Increase nutritional