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Urinary System


  • The urinary system is made up of the kidneys and bladder
  • The main function of this system is to control body fluid concentrations and
    filtering wastes out of the blood    
  • The kidneys control body fluid concentration by regulating how much water
    and salt is reabsorbed.  
  • An excess of acid in the body, normally due to a diet being high in acid
    forming foods (such as meat, dairy, soda pop, sugar and grains), poor
    digestion, shallow breathing and stress.  When the kidneys are unable to
    filter these acids, the body borrows alkalizing minerals such as magnesium,
    potassium and calcium  from the bones, muscles and connective tissues to
    buffer the acids.
  • Note that poor kidney function and excess acid will weaken the structural
    system and may result in:
  1. Stiff muscles and joints due to magnesium loss
  2. Osteoporosis from calcium loss
  3. Low back pain, stiffness in the neck between shoulder blades,
  • Other problems that may occur in this system include kidney stones,
    incontinence and infections.
  • Click here to see how the urinary system interacts with all the other body

Kidney Stones
  • May be caused by a poor diet which is low in nutritional value such as
    when there is low fluid intake, high dietary intake of animal protein, refined
    sugars, fructose and high fructose corn syrup, oxalate, grapefruit juice,
    apple juice and cola drinks
  • Are usually made from calcium or uric acid
  • Can get stuck in the urinary system and cause severe pain and/or damage,
    depending on their size
  • Vegetarians are less likely to get kidney stones
  • Signs and Symptoms:  pain (may be severe) that radiates from lower back
    or the flank to the groin or genital area and inner thigh; passing of blood in
    the urine.

Urine Color: (click here to see the color - hydration chart)
  • The color of urine varies, depending mainly on the level of hydration in the
  • Healthy urine should be pale yellow
  • Clear urine can be caused by drinking lots of water or diuretics such as
    coffee, tea, beer, etc.  
  • Yellow urine shows dehydration is present and may be caused by not
    drinking enough water
  • Dark yellow urine is demonstrative of dehydration or possible liver
    problems such as jaundice
  • Bright yellow/pale orange may be indicative of B vitamins in the urine
  • Orange urine may be caused by some medications and vitamin C
  • Red urine may be caused many things.  Even a very small amount of blood
    in the urine may cause a slight reddish tint.  In some people, eating beetroot
    may cause a slight red colour and is no cause for concern.  Blood in the
    urine may be caused by many things such as infection, damage somewhere
    in the urinary system, etc
  • Brown urine may indicate many things such as liver disease, copper
    toxicity, rhubarb, aloe, nitrofurantoin (an antibiotic), use of some laxatives,
  • Clarity refers to how clear the urine is.  Clear urine is healthy and cloudy
    urine may or may not be considered to be “unhealthy”.  Cloudy urine may
    be caused by many things such as mucus, sperm, skin cells, urine crystals,
    body powders, white blood cells, bacteria, etc.

Lifestyle Suggestions to support the Urinary System:

  • Drink 6 - 8 cups of pure water daily  (plus 1 cup of water for every
    caffeinated beverage or glass of alcohol you consume)
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables especially asparagus, celery,
    mangoes, cranberries and watermelon
  • Personal hygiene (Women after urinating wipe from front to back only
    instead of back to front)
  • Avoid antibiotics if possible, otherwise make sure to replenish the “good
    flora” with Probiotics.
  • Eat natural yogurt or fermented food that promotes the growth of “good
    bacteria” in the digestive tract.
  • Minimize foods that are high in Oxalic Acid.

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