How We Operate

Please read our Disclaimer to understand that all the information we provide is
for educational purposes. We do not diagnose any conditions. We simply
analyse the imbalances of the body, then we educate our clients on how they
can bring things back into balance.

Booking a Service
To book a service you can complete the form on the Nutritional Consulting
Services page or contact us by phone or e-mail.  Please see the Contact Us
portion of this website for all contact information.


When you purchase this service, we send you a link to a Nutritional Assessment
questionnaire.  After you complete this online questionnaire, an analysis is done
and a detailed report is emailed to you.  The report outlines deficiencies and
excesses that are important to address now as well as potential issues  you need
to be careful of.  Diet and Lifestyle suggestions may also be made.


Once a session is booked, the link to an online client intake questionnaire will be
e-mailed to you. The purpose of filling out the online questionnaire is to allow
us to have a brief understanding of your lifestyle, medications, injuries, and any
symptoms you may be suffering from. It will also give us a good indication of
which of your body systems needs the most support. Please read the
Approach to Health to understand why we focus on building up specific body
systems in order to get a person’s health back in balance.

All sessions are confidential and private. We only operate with integrity and
honesty. Our privacy policy statement is displayed in our office or you can view
it by clicking

Before we begin to analyse your blood, we will check the pH of your saliva and
urine. Monitoring your pH is highly recommended so that you know if your
body is eliminating “acid waste” efficiently. Please feel free to read more about
how to
balance your pH.

We begin to analyze your blood while you watch on a TV monitor.  We point
out the different components of your blood that we see and explain their
significance.  Further analysis is done after you leave.  There will also be some
dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help bring your body back into balance.

For an additional $35, a 3 month nutritional program will be created for you,
which focuses on strengthening your weakest body systems in order to bring
overall healing and balance in your body. You may refer to our website for
additional information such as our “
Top 20 List”.

Nutritional Muscle Testing is included with the Live and Dry Blood Analysis
  • Click here to watch a nutritional muscle testing video.
  • Click here to see a muscle testing presentation.

Note: In order for the analysis to be accurate, please refrain from eating or
drinking 2 to 4 hours prior to your session. Drinking water while fasting is fine.


You may contact us by phone or e-mail to set up workshop and presentation
schedules or to discuss other possibilities. Please read about the
types of
services we offer.

Payment for a Liveblood analysis session can be made either at the time of the
analysis by cash or cheque or in advance through PayPal.  If you would like to
use PayPal, please book your session first and we will send you instructions to
complete the paypal transaction
Healthy red blood cells, a white
blood cell and platelets
A healthy eosinophil and red
blood cells
Empower Yourself
Through Awareness
Note:  The following are
samples of presentations that
are designed to create
nutritional awareness so each
person can take control of their
Sample 1
Sample 2
Top 20 List - Steps To Take
Control Of Your Health
• Learn how to feel       
healthy and happy   
• Increase your energy  
• Weight management   
• Learn what your        
body needs              
• Balance pH                
• Improve digestive      
• Reverse signs of        
• Reverse free radical   
• Increase nutritional