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Glandular System
Benefits of Live       
Blood Analysis        
• Learn how to feel          
healthy and happy   
• Increase your energy  
• Weight management   
• Learn what your         
body needs              
• Balance pH                 
• Improve digestive       
• Reverse signs of          
• Reverse free radical     
• Increase nutritional     


  • The major glands of the glandular system are the pituitary, thyroid,
    pancreas, adrenals and gonads (reproductive organs).  
  • The pineal and thymus are also considered to be part of this system.
  • The glands produce messengers (hormones) that communicate with various
    organs and other glands.  They work by negative feedback, so when the
    message has been received, a message is sent back to the originating gland to
    stop production.
  • The pituitary is the master gland, which receives messages from the brain
    and secretes hormones that regulate hormone production in other glands.
  • The thyroid controls metabolism.  Be sure to lightly cook cruciferous
    vegetables (including broccoli, cabbage, kale, and cauliflower) and soyfoods
    in order to destroy any goitrogens in these foods.
  • The adrenal glands produce adrenaline, work with the kidneys to control
    fluid and mineral concentrations, as well as glucose metabolism.
  • Besides the digestive system role, the pancreas also produces insulin which
    regulates blood sugar levels.
  • Problems occurring in this system are issues due to hormone balance,
    emotional stress, reproductive problems and maintaining normal sugar ranges.

Lifestyle Suggestions to support the Glandular System:

  • Personal hygiene and safe sex
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Manage stress
  • Manage weight
  • Eat regular meals
  • Avoid simple sugars such as table sugar and white flour (most bakery goods)
  • Get regular invigorating exercise

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