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each person can take control
of their health.
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Top 20 List - Steps To Take
Control Of Your Health
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Benefits of Live       
Blood Analysis        
• Learn how to feel        
healthy and happy   
• Increase your energy  
• Weight management   
• Learn what your         
body needs              
• Balance pH                 
• Improve digestive       
• Reverse signs of          
• Reverse free radical     
• Increase nutritional     

  • Permacharts is the home of more than 44 million quick reference guides in
    print, and more than 27 years of experience in creating laminated reference
    guides, Permacharts is the leading supplier of easy-to-understand, quick
    guides to individuals, students, professionals, and business people of all

  • Tree of Light Publishing is dedicated to providing educational materials to
    empower people with knowledge to take care of their own health.  
    Specialties include Herbalism, Nutrition  Energetics, Emotional healing to
    name a few.

  • The World's Healthiest Foods was established by George Mateljan to
    discover, develop and share scientifically proven information about the
    benefits of healthy eating, and to provide the personalized support
    individuals need to make eating The World's Healthiest Foods enjoyable,
    easy, quick and affordable.

  • Herbal Remedies Info is your online source for information and resources
    on natural home remedies. Here you can Look up information on specific
    herbs, discover remedies for common ailments and learn to make your own
    soothing oils, infusions, tinctures, and salves. You will also find helpful tips
    for selecting and storing herbs and information about vitamins and minerals
    found in common herbs.

  • Natural Health and Herbal Remedies. Many of us want to take a greater
    and more active role in our own health care. The basic principle is that we
    have tremendous innate healing abilities, and our systems will always
    attempt to overcome an illness and restore balance to our body. The more
    you give your body the opportunity to be healthy, the easier it will be for
    your body to get rid of the toxins you come in contact with. How do you do
    this? With Natural Health and Herbal Remedies!

  • Cancer Active - 20 Herbs that fight cancer.  It is an undeniable fact that
    herbs have been eaten for their health-giving properties for thousands of
    years. History and experience tells us to eat Thyme, but not Deadly
    Nightshade.  Trained, expert Medical Herbalists know exactly what herbs
    can, and cannot, do. Here are twenty herbs that just might help your fight
    against cancer.

  • Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. Dr. Daniel Amen is the author of
    35 professional papers, 4 book chapters and 22 books, including the NY
    Times bestseller, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Healing ADD,
    Healing Anxiety and Depression, Preventing Alzheimer’s, Making A Good
    Brain Great, Sex on the Brain and Magnificent Mind At Any Age.

  • Medical References and Articles.  This document has links to a variety of
    websites, including Physician websites;  Databases, Research and Scientific
    Resources; Resources in Integrative Medicine; and General websites

  • Nutrient Data Laboratory.  On this website, you can search the USDA
    National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference. You can enter up to 5
    keywords which best describe the food item. To further limit the search,
    select a specific Food Group.

  • Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and
    weight that applies to both adult men and women

  • The Office of Dietary Supplements from the National Institute of Health in
    the US.  Their purpose is to strengthen knowledge and understanding of
    dietary supplements by evaluating scientific information, stimulating and
    supporting research, disseminating research results, and educating the public
    to foster an enhanced quality of life and health for the U.S. population.

  • Healing Keys believes there is a link between the mind and the symptoms
    and illnesses that our bodies express.  By interpreting the story that the
    body is writing we can find the underlying psychological process of the
    mind. This is how the use of metaphor gives us insight into healing the body
    through the mind. This is what it says about cancer.

  • Self Help Cancer.  The information and internet links on this site are for
    those seeking to augment the treatment offered by their hospital oncology
    (cancer) unit.  The content of this site was initially prepared, at the request
    of medical and nursing staff and others, some weeks after I had had an
    emergency operation for the removal of a colon cancer...

  • PawPaw Research.  As the incidence of cancer increases, it seems that
    there is a corresponding increased interest in alternative methods as a course
    of treatment. One of these treatments that seems to be growing in
    popularity is that of paw paw (pawpaw).  If you are interested in this topic,
    our goal is that you and your physician will be able to find the answers to
    your questions on paw paw here.

  • PawPaw Alternative Treatment Comparison.  This web page contains
    extensive information about alternative cancer treatment Paw Paw. It
    contains the details that support the Paw Paw ratings on the Comparison
    table* and is therefore called a comparison page...

  • Celiac Resources:

Journal References

Diet, Nutrition, Herbs

  • Eat Carbs Lose Weight.  Drop All the Pounds You Want without Giving Up
    the Foods You Love by Denise Austin with Amy Campbell; Holtzbrinck
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Prescription Drugs
  • Drugs & Natural Alternatives.  A Guide to the Uses and Effects of the Top
    Prescription Drugs and Natural Products by Clell M. Fowles, Pharmacist;

  • Prescription for Drug Alternatives.  All-Natural Options for Better Health
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Energy Medicine

Suzanne Somers