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Top 20 List - Steps To Take
Control Of Your Health

The Body Systems and ABC+D Approach to Health was originally created by
Edward Milo Millet. Later this system of determining imbalances in the body
was further developed by
Steven Horne, from Tree of Light Publishing.  He has
some great articles on the section of his personal website called "
Heal It Yourself"
and many other
publications. By using this methodology, a practitioner tries to
identify the root causes of health problems and help people understand what they
can do to live healthy lives. The focus is to bring the body back into balance
rather than treating specific “symptoms”. The relationship between root cause,
symptoms and the
Body Systems may be seen in the Disease Tree.  Click here
to read about suggestions to balance each body system in relation to the 5
elements of Chinese Medicine and their related meridians.

Note that the ABC+D course is one that leads to becoming a Herbal Consultant
and may be used for credit at other institutions.  Click
here to see an introductory
video and
here for more information.

ABC plus D stands for: Activate, Build, Cleanse and Direct Aid.

A for Activate

The human body has an amazing intrinsic ability to repair itself, if it has enough
energy and raw materials. This may not be possible after years of stress, neglect,
negative thought patterns, eating too many processed foods, taking too many
medications or by not eating foods compatible with your blood type.  The body's
ability to repair itself may diminish.

In order to energize the body and stimulate its healing abilities, a person must first
visualize how they want to feel. It is essential to focus on “healing” rather than on
being “sick”, therefore using positive affirmations and switching our negative
thought patterns to positive thought patterns is essential. Once there is a switch in
thought patterns, the following items will have a more powerful effect in
stimulating the body’s ability to heal: homeopathic formulations, flower remedies
and essential oils as used in aromatherapy.


  1. Believe in the body’s ability to heal itself.
  2. Visualize how you want to feel, then make positive affirmations and write
    them down.
  3. Stimulate the healing response with positive attitudes.
  4. Identify and address unresolved emotional conflicts. In Chinese
    Medicine, each type of emotion will affect the function of different organs.
    The positive emotions will help the organs to function more effectively,
    whereas the negative emotions will inhibit the proper function of the organs.
    Click here to view a sample chart of how everything affects the function of
    our organs.
  5. Use energetic remedies that balance the mind and body such as: flower
    remedies, homeopathic remedies and essential oils.

    *Any nutritional program will yield better results if any of these
    energy supplements is included.

B for Build

Enzymes from plants are an excellent way to begin energizing your body.

Enzymes are used in all chemical reactions in the body, from food digestion to
cellular metabolism.  The cooking and processing of foods destroys enzymes,
thus a diet consisting mostly of cooked and processed food will be deficient in
enzymes.  This type of diet will then put more stress on the body, depleting it of
resources needed for other things.  Thus some raw or steamed (hardly cooked)
plant foods should be eaten every day.   

Plant enzymes can also be obtained as a dietary supplement in
Garden Essence
Plant Enzymes. This product contains many different enzymes from plant
sources in a blend of five digestion enhancing herbs.  One or two capsules should
be taken before each meal. For
Garden Essence Plant Enzymes to be effective in
repairing the body, they need something to act on.  To put it another way; the
enzymes are the brick layers, but a brick layer can do little if he or she does not
have bricks and mortar to work with. With the
B of the ABC+D Approach to
Health we supply the bricks and mortar.

The processing of today’s foods has resulted in foods that are deficient in
vitamins, antioxidants and other essential phytonutrients.   Modern farming
practices have resulted in soils being depleted of minerals and thus foods that are
deficient in minerals.  In order to obtain all the vitamins, minerals and other
phytonutrients necessary for optimal health,
everyone should include a high-
quality plant based multi-vitamin and trace mineral supplement in their diet.
Super Vitamins & Minerals multi-vitamins taken along with Essential Liquid
Minerals will insure that you get all of the trace minerals and vitamins that your
body requires. For a supplement that includes
high ORAC antioxidants and
Omega 3, you may want to try a supplement like Super Trio.

It is
not possible to get all the nutrition we need for optimal health from the
foods that we eat without nutritional supplementation. While it is possible today
to get enough nutrition from our foods to prevent vitamin deficiency disease,
which was what the "Recommended Daily Allowances" were based on, this falls
far short of what nutritional science has discovered to be necessary for optimal
health. Today's overworked soils have been depleted of many trace minerals that
the body needs, and food processing has been remarkably successful at removing
any nutrition remaining in our foods. Add to this the additional requirements
brought about by stressful living conditions in a polluted environment, and the
fact that we often make poor choices when it comes to our health. All this creates
a formula for disaster. That is why everyone, without exception, needs to be on a
nutritional program to provide not only vitamins, but even more importantly, the
essential trace minerals, enzymes, fiber, antioxidants and other phytonutrients
that we are missing.

Please note that many medications and chemicals either deplete our nutrient
stores or block the receptor sites where nutrients enter the cells of our body.
When our cells don’t get all the proper nutrients, there is less energy produced for
overall vital function of our organs. An example of this is how the Birth Control
Pill depletes a woman’s body of Vitamin B6 and Magnesium, 2 essential nutrients
for proper nerve function. This leads to symptoms of anxiety, depression or other
nervous system disorders. Many of these women then go onto taking medications
to “numb” these symptoms. By doing this, they may later on develop more
serious nervous system disorders or auto-immune disorders.


  1. Eat according to your Metabolic Type, focusing on eating a balanced
    diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. For carbohydrates focus on low
    glycemic carbohydrates, especially leafy green vegetables.
  2. Eat natural and organic food. Include all “colors of the rainbow” to
    get optimal amounts of antioxidants and other phytonutrients. Remember
    that variety is essential because “too much of a good thing” can be bad.
  3. Find out your Metabolic Type. This will help you to know which foods
    help to balance your biochemistry and to know which ratios of
    macronutrients are best for your metabolism.     
  4. Avoid foods that you are allergic or intolerant to. Finding out which
    foods that your body produces antibodies to is essential in building health.
    Your body cannot put a lot of energy into repairing and healing itself if your
    immune system is constantly busy producing antibodies to foods you are

C for Cleanse

When we discuss “cleansing”, we are talking about using certain herbs that help
to eliminate toxic build up in the body. Drinking plenty of water is also essential.
Cleansing enables the body to eliminate waste properly before toxins build up in
the tissues and blood. Toxin build up depletes the body's energy systems. Proper
elimination removes toxins and thereby conserves the body's healing energy
making more energy available for healing and repair.  Click
here to determine if
you need to do a cleanse.

Modern food processing removes much of the fibre from food and we often
consume foods are that contain no fibre at all, such as meat and dairy products.  
This results in slow movement of food through the digestive tract, thereby
promoting the buildup of waste and toxins in the bowel, liver and blood.  A
periodic cleans will help clean the bowel.

Note: People who are thin, pale, sick or in a weakened condition should begin
with a
BUILD first and then a CLEANSE after.  Pregnant and lactating women
should not do a cleanse.  Everyone else can and should do a cleans twice a year –
preferably in the Spring and Fall.   

Nature's Sunshine has developed 3 different cleanse programs for people to
choose from:
  1. Tiao He Pak - A 10-day herbal cleansing program that gradually restores
    the functions of the weakened organs to insure they perform to their full

   2. Candida Clear - A 14-day cleansing program designed to help maintain the  
    normal balance of Candida albicans colonization.

   3. Para Pak - A 10 day herbal program to help the body free itself of parasites.

Bod-E-Klenz – A 30 day herbal program that supports and maintains a
healthy intestinal system. It helps the body deal more efficiently with toxins.
This easy-to-follow method of cleansing provides individually labeled
packaged doses of herbs for morning, afternoon and evening.

Note: All the above herbal cleanse packages contain herbs that have properties
that destroy pathogens like: viruses, bacteria, fungus, candida and parasites. Click
here for a list of other remedies that have a “cleansing effect” on the body.


  1. Do a 2 week cleanse at least twice per year.
  2. Avoid or at least try to minimize chemicals such as food additives,
    pesticides, toxic cleaning and personal care products, electromagnetic
    pollution, etc…Click here for some great alternative choices.
  3. Drink plenty of pure, filtered water such the Nature’s Spring water.
  4. Increase dietary fiber. LoClo and Psyllium Hulls Combination are great
    choices. Take note that fiber is a great “food source” for the friendly
    bacteria in the gut.
  5. Increase sources of Probiotics, especially after doing a cleanse.
    Fermented foods, such as yogurt, are a great source. For people who need a
    high amount, especially after taking a round of antibiotics, supplementing is
    essential. Probiotic 11 is a great choice. Probiotics are needed for many
    bodily functions, including metabolism of many vital nutrients, along with
    helping to keep the immune system strong.

D for Direct Aid

Most people have one or more body systems that are weaker than the others and
could benefit from direct nutritional support. For example, stress or insomnia
could mean that your
nervous system is in need of direct aid. High blood pressure
or circulation problems could signify that the
circulatory system may need the
most help. Sometimes we can even be symptom-free and still have a body
system that is in need of support. This demonstrates that the body is most likely
compensating for the weakness, but it is just a matter of time before symptoms
appear. In these cases the nutritional support is designed to build the weakened
body system
before a major problem occurs. This is what prevention is all

Health Analysis Questionnaire or the Lifestyle Analysis Questionnaire can
help determine which body systems(s) needs support. Clicking on the name of
each system will open a page with a few recommended products for that system.  
The links below lead to the full list of products for each system and a Fact Sheet
for almost every product.  The Fact Sheet describes each product, its ingredients
and some of the benefits of the product.

If more than one system needs support, it is best to start with the weakest one.  
Since systems depend upon each other, it is possible that supplementing one will
help the others. After working on one system the questionnaire can be done again
to determine what progress has been made.


    1. Use the results from the Health Analysis Questionnaire  or the Lifestyle
    Analysis Questionnaire to identify one or two body systems that require
    nutritional support.

    2. We can help you determine how each body system is energetically
    out of balance by using the  “6 Tissue Terrain” modality as a reference
    tool. Each body system is in constant struggle to keeping itself in balance,
    however many things may cause them to become unbalanced in any of the
    following 6 ways:                                                                       
    Irritation, Depression, Stagnation, Atrophy, Constriction, Relaxation

    3. Once we determine which “body system” is out of balance and how it is
    out of balance, we can help you select the appropriate “direct aids” to
    support that specific body system (s).



The ABC + D Approach To Health
Benefits of Live       
Blood Analysis        
• Learn how to feel     
healthy and happy   
• Increase your energy  
• Weight management   
• Learn what your         
body needs              
• Balance pH                 
• Improve digestive       
• Reverse signs of          
• Reverse free radical     
• Increase nutritional