Trish Leclair
Empower Yourself
Through Awareness
The following are samples of
presentations that are designed to
create nutritional awareness so
each person  can take control of
their health.
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Top 20 List - Steps To
Take Control Of Your
Registered Nutritional Therapist
Blood Analysis
-Learn how to feel        
healthy and happy   
-Increase your energy  
-Weight management   
-Learn what your         
body needs              
-Balance pH                 
-Improve digestive       
-Reverse signs of          
 -Reverse free radical     
-Increase nutritional     
Trish is a Natural Health Practitioner and has a variety of certifications and has her diploma in Holistic Nutrition, providing her with the title of Registered Nutritional Therapist. Other certifications include Herbalist, Specialized Kinesiologist, Metabolic Typing, Functional Diagnostic  Nutrition, Live and Dry Blood Analysis. Trish also has her certification as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, CBT Practitioner and Past Life Regression Therapist. These all combine Eastern and Western philosophies, providing a more holistic and integrative approach to helping the body to heal. Trish is a member of different associations, which support her various certifications.
Trish has done a variety of workshops for various organizations over the years since first becoming a Natural Health Practitioner in 2007. She has done workshops on Weight Maintenance, Healthy Cooking Tips, How to read food labels, How to Balance Hormones, How to Improve Mental Health, Brain Retraining for Healthy Lifestyle Habits,Healthy Coping Strategies and Stress Management Skills, etc...

She also did 2 years of workshops for the Parole Office in Victoria for the inmates who were in transition to going back to the community.

At the clinic where she works, Trish's main focus is to educate her clients on the possible "root causes" of their symptoms and health issues. Trish does not diagnose or treat diseases. Trish has studied the books of Patrick Holford, and appreciates the information and research he provides. Here is a brief description of a Nutritional Therapist from his website:

“Nutritional therapists are trained to look for the potential underlying causes of health problems, using a combination of clinical skills and, where necessary, biochemical tests. They then work with each client to produce a tailor-made program to address specific issues and help you reach your health goals. This could be clearer skin, more energy, improved digestion or weight loss. Nutritional therapy can also help more complex issues such as overcoming infertility, alleviating migraines or supporting a particular medical condition.”

Trish also helps people to become aware of thought patterns and lifestyle habits that no longer serve them and guides them to find the Coping Strategies that best work for them. Trapped Emotions and Traumas are "stuck energies" in the body and cause people to develop unhealthy lifestyle habits in order to cope and numb their pain. When people suppress these emotions and traumas for a long time, a disease will develop as "dis-ease in the body", such as an auto-immune condition or cancer. Other people numb their emotional pain through uncontrollable addictive behaviours. Either way, a person has a painful life with a diagnosed disease or an addiction that leads them to have a life of chaos and drama, in addition to losing the trust of family, friends and employers.

Trish combines the vast information she has learned to help clients regain optimal health. She uses various tools to assess imbalances, stress and symptoms and then makes dietary recommendations and may sometimes recommend herbs and/or supplements to help with the healing of the body, in addition to supporting detoxification. She also works synergistically with other practitioners who can offer immediate symptom relief, while Trish works on helping clients with longer term lifestyle and dietary habits. Other types of practitioners that Trish likes to refer her clients to are: Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Reiki Healers (and other Energy Healers), Reflexologists, Acupressurists, Acupuncturists, Yoga Therapists, Personal Trainers, etc...

When assessing imbalances or stress on the body, Trish takes a holistic approach so she considers diet, lifestyle, previous injuries, emotional healing and the effects of chemicals that we are exposed to in the environment and in our food. Some of the tools that Trish uses for the assessment of imbalances and symptoms are:

-          Live & Dry Blood Analysis

-          Metabolic Typing

-          Food Sensitivity and Allergy Testing

-          Saliva Hormone Balance Testing

-          Muscle Testing

*Quantum Biofeedback Analysis is another helpful tool that Trish is working synergistically with to assess imbalances and stress in the body.