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Empower Yourself
Through Awareness
The following are samples of
presentations that are designed to
create nutritional awareness so
each person  can take control of
their health.
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Top 20 List - Steps To
Take Control Of Your
Registered Nutritional Therapist
Blood Analysis        
• Learn how to feel        
healthy and happy   
• Increase your energy  
• Weight management   
• Learn what your         
body needs              
• Balance pH                 
• Improve digestive       
• Reverse signs of          
• Reverse free radical     
• Increase nutritional     
Trish Leclair is a Registered Nutritional Therapist
who first developed an interest in nutrition as a child
when she found that she felt a lot more energy from
eating the foods from her mother's new garden
rather than the food from the fast food industry. As
she grew up, she found that each time she began to
feel rundown or sick, her health would improve
when she resorted to eating whole, natural foods.
Her journey to becoming a nutritionist developed
with her own health issues and by observing the
health issues of others. Trish wanted to learn how
to become healthy herself in a natural way. From
what Trish went through and discovered, she
naturally wanted to help others and create awareness about the various
causes of our health problems and possible ways to become healthy.
Trish began to see patterns with lifestyle, personality and related health
problems. Her goal was to understand the connection between our
environment, lifestyle habits, and nutrition.  This led  Trish to study various
forms of
Specialized Kinesiology and then to pursue her true passion to
becoming a Holistic Nutritionist. Trish also took additional courses to learn
how emotions contribute to the development of disease. Many of the
courses she took have combined Chinese Medicine perspectives with
nutrition. These perspectives really helped Trish to understand how the flow
of energy in the body affects the functions of our organs.  Feel free to read
more about her
mission. Trish regularly posts links to various resources of
information and articles on her
Facebook page. Please join Trish on her
mission to helping people to "Take Control of Their Health"! All nutritional
related services are explained in more detail

In addition to nutrition, Trish enjoys physical activity and being fit. She
loves being in nature and finds hiking with her spouse to be therapeutic. She
also enjoys roller blading, playing hockey, rock climbing and horse back



Certified In:
  • Touch for Health - Levels 1 to 4
  • Brain Gym 101
  • Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS) - Level 1
  • Agape Quest - Applied Physiology - Levels 1 and 2

    Click here for more information about Specialized Kinesiology based
    modalities and here to see how Specialized Kinesiology can be
    combined with other systems of healing.
    Note:  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspectives have been a
    part of many of the courses taken.

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